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This is the home page of YardRadius. It is written as a Wiki in order to allow an easy and fast modification of the whole contents, and also because I'm quite lazy when writing stupid HTML texts and generally writing down any kind of documentation. Hopefully you could help me for that.
Indeed, if you are familiar with Wiki sites and RadiusServer and/or YardRadius specifically, you can collaborate and add information to these pages. Maybe in a more decent english, too.
If you do not know what is a RadiusServer, you probably don't need it :) else you will get here details on where you can find and how you can build, install and use YardRadius. Let me warn you about the need of reading documentation in order to have a working setup.

Note: Due to annoying spammers, editing is disabled. Sorry good guys, but really I cannot waste time in recovering every two days for a few bull-shit heads around.


Quick downloads

Latest stable release is 1.0.21
Latest development release is 1.1.1

This is a Sourceforge Project! The project page is here

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